1913 Dec 24th Jekyll Island, Creation of Fed Reserve
1963 Nov 22, JFK Assassination
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Gulf of Tonkin
Major General Smedley Butler book "War is a Racket"
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Project 47 MK Ultra
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World Trade Center 1993 Bombing
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JFK Assassination
1963 Nov 22


While belief in big conspiracies may have severe logical problems, it can be very attractive in a lot of ways. To begin with, you don't have to discard any "conspiracy evidence." If you have "evidence" that points to the CIA, and "evidence" that points to Texas oil millionaires, and "evidence" that points to the Mafia, you don't have to decide which you believe. You can believe it all!
If a lot of evidence points to Oswald's guilt, and some of it was produced by the Dallas Police Department, some by the FBI, and some by the Warren Commission, you can dismiss it all, since they were all involved in the assassination or at least the "coverup."

If a lot of people oppose your attempts to "bring Kennedy's killers to justice," you don't have to stop and consider the possibility that you may be off-track. After all, all of them are part of the "coverup."

The Oswald Impostor in Mexico City
Oswald appears to have visited Mexico City in late September 1963. He appears to have visited the Soviet and Cuban diplomatic compounds in person and to have contacted them by telephone, with the intention of obtaining a visa to visit Cuba. One of the people he contacted was a Soviet diplomat suspected by the CIA of being attached to the KGB’s assassinations department.
A man calling himself Lee Harvey Oswald was photographed going into and out of the Soviet Embassy. His telephone calls were intercepted, recorded and transcribed. Photographs and recordings were sent to the FBI in Dallas early on the morning of 23 November.

Almost everything we know about the assassination of John F. Kennedy has been planted in our minds over years of mainstream media (MSM) programming. Virtually every theory advanced has been either conjured up or promoted by those who control the MSM. Therefore, just like all the false leads which were published during November of 1963, much of this ‘official’ information is highly suspect.

  List of Possible Assailants
  List of People Killed in Cover Up
  List of Movies
  List of Supporters of the Official Story
  The Magic Bullet
  Jimm Marrs
  Oliver Stone

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