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Project 47 MK Ultra


When the extent of the U.S. government’s domestic spying program was revealed this past summer, many were surprised and outraged: how could a government which so prizes liberty of its citizens covertly collect data on its own people?

Yet, sadly, this is not the first time Uncle Sam, without permission or notice, secretly gathered information on its people and wasn’t even close to the greatest atrocity. For that, there are numerous other examples such as when the government intentionally poisoned certain alcohol supplies they knew people would drink, killing over 10,000 American citizens and sickening many thousands others. (Despite this, the program continued for some time, though it was hotly debated in Congress when the death tolls started rolling in.)

During the late 1940's the CIA produced and played starring role in what was then known as "Operation Paperclip". Operation Paperclip hinged on a misdirection campaign. The Misdirection was simple. The United States led the world to pursue many of the Nazi military officers who committed gross atrocities against their prisoners in at attempt to convict them of war crimes. This was highly publicized with a media fervor. Behind the scenes however, US Intelligence communities were recruiting Nazi scientists and renowned concentration camp medical doctors and psychiatrists. These men were all high ranking Nazi SS officers, who were guilty of committing grizzly and sometimes mind bending offenses that surpassed all else done in the war. Many of these men being recruited to work for us were the very men who were responsible for the horrors at Auschwitz and other camps. They received the option to either come work for us in such labs as Los Alamos for much more money than they received from the Germans, or be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes. Of course the decision for most was almost instant.

MK Ultra is not just a conspiracy theory. The projects it encompassed came about expanding on the works of the Nazi doctors and scientists recruited from operation paperclip.

It is a fact that the CIA proposed and conducted mind control experimentation from the mid 1940's on, using the German scientists courted by our nation. In a large degree it is a matter of public record and was a matter of Senate Committee investigation. What actually is revealed is certainly stranger and more frightening than fiction.

The CIA agents involved in this part of Project MKULTRA have also seemed to develop very poor memories, and remember very little of that part of their careers in the CIA.(Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) Maybe they had done a lot of acid as well. There is no way of knowing what the long term effects of this part of the testing might be because the CIA did no follow up investigations into any of these people and never even kept their names and only referred to them by individually assigned numbers. It is possible that this testing has caused the ruination of hundreds of American lives.

An interesting aspect of the final phase of Project MKULTRA is the death of Dr. Frank Olsen, an army scientist. One must first discuss what is known and accepted by all pertaining to the life and death of Dr. Olsen. Primarily, that Dr. Olsen was a civilian Army Scientist, who was working on experiments on LSD with the Army. It is known that Dr. Olsen was at least once under the influence of LSD. The last thing that is known of Dr. Olsen is that he died after a fall from a ten story window at the Hotel Statler in New York City at approximately 2:30 AM on November 27,1953. That is about all that can be objectively said about Dr. Olsen. The rest involves two distinctly different stories as to why and how Dr. Frank Olsen died, these two stories will be referred to as the 60 Minutes story and the CIA story.


CIA, FBI, NSA Secret Covert Psychological Experiments - MK Ultra, New Phoenix, ELF Waves American Ultra.


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