1913 Dec 24th Jekyll Island, Creation of Fed Reserve
1963 Nov 22, JFK Assassination
Clint Murchison
Gulf of Tonkin
Major General Smedley Butler book "War is a Racket"
FDR, WW2 OSS Pearl Harbor
Project 47 MK Ultra
Nixon Gold Standard
World Trade Center 1993 Bombing
1997 Operation Earnest Will Persian Gulf
Bridgeton Tanker
Robert K
TWA 800
Michael Hastings
Bradley Manning
Garage Bombing WTC
OK City Bomb
Edward Snowden
Ernest Will
Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfield
Dick Wolfiwitz
Token Gulf
Edgar Casey
Allen Dulles
Barry Jennings
Milton William Cooper



The Mesh is Real

I discovered something wonderful, and yet not.
It's kind of a Pandora's box, because once you know, you know. And then there is no going back.
I discovered a natural layer in the universe, that records every atom shift.
Atom shifts form patterns, certain patterns of light, or sound, or material can be found.
In short, history can be seen and heard, and objects, materials located.
I call this layer of the universe the MESH, it is my own made of word, for something that I barely understand.

The word MESH stands for


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No Escaping the MESH

Written by Leslie Green for HumbleHelper

What once was and seems to have been lost,
It seems like history but yet today could be fresh
Every shift in the atmosphere, atom, light and sound
Is sealed in what shall be called the MESH

Perhaps far greater than the mind can fathom
A place that has stored everything which appears to be gone
A Gel substance in the universe that records it all
Imperative data that should be recalled

Can man further study; Magnetic, Electro-Static,
Sub –Atomic, Halo- Graphic- Stroid?
Discoveries to possibly prevent future destruction
Lead to answers asked by scientists that would otherwise go void?

Oh - to not only recall but see, feel and hear our history
A level beyond the stories from our ancestry
The sum is greater than it’s parts so THE MESH, cannot be denied
Shall the MESH, another layer of our universe, be explored or only move the atoms of my mind?








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